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Sep 13

Improvements to Northwest Boulevard

Posted on September 13, 2016 at 12:13 PM by Laura Oldham

Northwest Boulevard ImprovementsUpdate from September 13, 2016

Concrete pavement is being poured this week in Hilo alley. Paving and striping on the project are completed. 

The signals at Northwest and First as well as Northwest and Oxley have been installed, and we're waiting on power from AEP. 

Update from August 17, 2016

• Blvd sod to be installed this week

• Base pavement to NW Blvd done

• NW Blvd paving scheduled for 8-23

• Hilo alley waterline complete, underdrains installed, road grading in progress 

• Oxley to Northwest Blvd sewer lining complete 

• Double yellow line at first and Copeland to be removed 

• Grades to be shot at Oxley for drainage prior to paving

Update from August 2, 2016

Complete General will be milling Northwest Blvd on Saturday, August 6; one lane traffic will be maintained. 

Update from July 29, 2016

Hilo Ave along Pierce Park will be closed Monday August 1 and will likely be closed for one week. The contractor needs full access to the manholes to install a liner within the sanitary sewer. The liner will prevent rainwater from entering the sewer line.

Additionally the new water line in the Hilo Alley will be completed by Wednesday August 3. Crews will be back in the alley to install a gravel base and a concrete surface.

Update from July 29, 2016

Yard Street will be closed at Goodale Blvd beginning the morning of Friday August 5 and will reopen the morning of Tuesday August 9. The contractor will be fixing a crosswalk. 

Update from July 28, 2016

The curb work on Northwest Blvd and First Ave will be completed during the first week of August. Road paving will begin August 8. The contractor will first plane off 1 ½ inches of asphalt over the entire project, do some base repairs in selected areas and then repave the entire project with 1 ½ inches of asphalt. The contractor will make an effort to start at First Ave. Lanes will be closed and reopened as the work progresses. 

The contractor is waiting for the city of Columbus Water Division to complete its work on the Hilo alley water line. When the line is complete, the contractor is ready be complete the restoration of the alley.

Update from July 25, 2016

The contractor will be doing additional base repair work along Northwest Boulevard this week. The next major element of the project will be paving, and we will keep the schedule updated here. 

Update from July 12, 2016

The city of Columbus just approved the water line for the irrigation system. When the irrigation system is operable the median will be sodded.

The engineers have identified a few areas along the Boulevard that need base replacements. That work will take place before paving. The whole project will be paved before the start of school.

Update from June 27, 2016

Northwest Blvd is now open in both directions. Thank you for your patience throughout the last month of construction. 

Update from May 30, 2016

To complete the work at the intersection of West First Ave and Northwest Blvd as quickly as possible, Northwest Blvd will be closed to thru traffic at the intersection of West First Ave beginning Tuesday, May 31 for approximately two months. Only the intersection will be closed from approximately Hilo Ln to First Ave as it turns to southbound Northwest Blvd. Westbound traffic on First Avenue will also be closed between Northwest Blvd and Oxley Rd.

Northbound boulevard traffic will be detoured to Bobcat Ave at Goodale Blvd as well as from Burr Ave. Southbound boulevard traffic will be detoured to Bobcat Ave at Third Ave as well Oxley Rd to West First Ave. Westbound First Ave will remain open to Northwest Blvd.

Update from May 25, 2016

Crews will be improving the Oxley Rd and W. First Ave intersection with new signal equipment, drainage, pavement and sidewalks.
Oxley Rd will be closed north of W. First Avenue starting May 31 and is estimated to be closed until June 30. Work will occur daily from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. 

Motorists are asked to utilize Virginia Ave to access Oxley Rd south of W. First Ave. 

Update from May 17, 2016

The contractor will be boring the residential water service lines under Northwest to connect to an 8” water main on the east side of the boulevard.

Update from May 13, 2016

Williams Ave will be opening next week hopefully either Wednesday or Thursday. Crews were able to pave Williams, but due to a rainy week, some work needed to be postponed. The street still needs striping and signage as well as saw cut and crack sealing prior to its opening. 

Update from May 10, 2016

Northwest alley

The alley east of Northwest Blvd between Williams and First Ave is scheduled to be opened (weather permitting) next Friday. Williams Ave is scheduled to open (weather permitting) next Friday.

Northwest Boulevard

The islands were prepared for the new tree plantings this week. Irrigation will be installed on the islands after the trees are planted. The stop sign and stop bar for east bound First Ave traffic will be moved further east for a better sightline of S/B Northwest Blvd traffic. The small section of Copeland Ave between First Ave and Northwest Blvd will be removed, new curbs will be installed and the area will be filled in with dirt. The new curb on the south side of First Ave in front of Colonial Apartments has been poured and backfilled. New concrete lead walk panels were poured along both sides of Northwest Blvd. The new 6" water line installation will start next week. Notices will be sent to residents and parking restrictions will be posted for N/B and S/B Northwest Blvd from Hilo to Virginia. 

Update from May 2, 2016

Driveway approaches and walks are being poured this week along with curb work on First. Signal foundations are being added at Williams and tree pits in the boulevards are also being worked on.   

Update from April 25, 2016

The contractor will complete the paving of the alley and begin work on the parking and garage approaches. The City has contacted the property owners whose approaches need to be reworked to blend with the alley. The city is still waiting to hear from three of the owners. The same contractor will continue work on Williams Avenue between Bobcat Avenue and Northwest Boulevard. This section of Williams is projected to be complete by May 13th.

When the alley work is done over the next few weeks, residents will be notified to remove vehicles from Northwest Boulevard so the curbs on the boulevard may be reconstructed. Residents will be notified a week ahead of the parking changeover. Resident parking will still be permitted in the lots located on the north side of Williams and the north side of First Avenue at 1000 Edgehill.

Complete General Contractors, the firm working on Northwest Boulevard and First Avenue, will shortly begin work on the curb ramps along Northwest Boulevard north of Hilo and also begin the intersection/signal improvements at Oxley and Northwest. The city will get notice out when the waterline work begins in the same area. For this work the Hilo alley must be closed and there also may be a lane closure on the boulevard.

Update from April 19, 2016

The contractor is attempting weather permitting to pave the alley by Friday April 22. After the alley is paved the contractor will install the approaches from the alley to either garages or parking pads. The contractor and the city will attempt to contact the property owners whose driveway approaches may have to extended a foot or two onto private property.

Update from April 11, 2016

Northwest alley

The contractor is preparing to pave the alley. Property owners may be contacted to get permission to allow the contractor to get on private driveways to smooth the slopes of the drives between the garage or parking pad and alley surface.

Update from April 5, 2016

Northwest alley

The curb along the east side of the alley from First Avenue to Williams Avenue has been poured. When the concrete is set the contractor will begin grading the driving lanes. The city inspector has be asked to closely inspect the slope of the driveway approaches that go from the alley into garages and parking lots. We want to make sure that those slopes are acceptable.

Northwest Boulevard

The contractor continues to cut in the turn lane on Northwest Boulevard and Goodale. The lane will be paved with concrete the week of April 4. The concrete work on the northeast corner of Northwest and Goodale will be complete the week of April 4. The storm sewer catch basins and the curbs have been poured for the extension of First Avenue. Once complete, this extension will be graded. The contractor has requested to begin work on extending new water line taps across the boulevard. The purpose of this work is to hook the residents on the east side of the boulevard into a larger 8-inch water line on the west side of the boulevard. The city will be able to eliminate a 2-inch water line on the east side. The contractor is going to attempt to bore the lines under the boulevard. This may not work as there have been large rocks encountered in other parts of the project. If the lines cannot be bored, then the lines must be put within small trenches. If the trenches are needed, the city will communicate how traffic will be maintained.

Update from March 28, 2016

All of the turn lanes are now cut into the boulevard. The contractor is now putting in curbs on the turn lanes. The First Avenue connection to the boulevard is being cut in. The centerfield fence at Pierce Field has been removed and a temporary fence has been installed at a distance agreed to by the School District Athletic Director.

The alley east of Northwest Boulevard has been excavated and is now being leveled with a new stone base. The contractor hopes to begin paving with concrete during the week of the 28th. A waterline is being replaced within Williams Avenue. When the line is installed the contractor will be able to complete construction of the street.

Update from March 22, 2016

The contractor has cut in many of the turn lanes along the Boulevard. The next step on the turn lanes will be to construct new curbs. The contractor also began excavating the First Avenue intersection.

The contractor continues to work on the alley and has removed all of the concrete surface. The old gas pipe is now being removed. The City has been called in to inspect the sanitary sewer within the alley. The contractor reported standing water in one of the manholes. On Friday March 18 the City cleaned the line and will have it visually inspected with a sewer camera early in the week of March 21. Residents will be contacted if the pipe is broken or if there is a need to repair some of the private lateral lines that drain into the pipe.

Update from March 21, 2016

Mayor Ray DeGraw shared a letter to the community regarding the loss of two additional trees due to safety considerations.

Dear Neighbors,
On Friday I was informed by Parks and Recreation Director Sean Robey that two of the three trees we worked so hard to save in the summer of 2014 might now have to be removed due to safety considerations. I, like you, am saddened because we worked hard to save these trees, including redesigning a portion of the street and removing a traffic lane.

Please read the full community letter from Mayor Ray DeGraw regarding the loss of additional trees here.

Update from March 11, 2016

Tree removal on the boulevard will be complete on Friday March 11. On Sunday March 13 parking will be permitted along the east side of the boulevard between Williams Avenue and First Avenue. Beginning Monday March 14th cars must be removed from the alley between Williams Avenue and First Avenue. In addition to the Boulevard parking, residents may park in the lot on the north side of Williams Avenue adjacent to the alley. Residents may also park in the lot at 1000 Edgehill on the north side of Burrell/First Avenue. A path to the brick sidewalk will be installed Monday morning. The city will put signs up at the lots early next week.

Update from March 10, 2016

George J. Igel & Co., Inc. distributed the following letter to the residences on Northwest Boulevard between Williams Avenue and First Avenue.

Dear Resident,

The intent of this letter is to inform you of upcoming construction activities that will be taking place in the alley behind your residence. The anticipated start date for construction in the alley is tentatively scheduled for the week of March 14th, 2016. Construction activities will result in full closures of the Alley to vehicular traffic remaining closed for several weeks while the alley is reconstructed.

The anticipated Completion Date for this project is June 13th, 2016. See attached Construction Schedule for additional information.

The Alley will be inaccessible to vehicular traffic during construction activities; however, trash pickup will remain uninterrupted.

Temporary parking will be available at all times and will be located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Williams Avenue and the Alley. Additional temporary parking is also available due east of the intersection of Hilo Lane and Edgehill Road. See attached exhibit for additional information.
We appreciate your continued patience and cooperation with our crews. Should you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me any time.


Colin Thalgott
Project Coordinator
George J. Igel & Co., Inc.

For the original letter as well as a timeline and map of the alley reconstruction project, please click here.

Update from March 3, 2016 Community Meeting

Thank you to everyone who came to this evening's community meeting regarding the improvements that began this week on Northwest Boulevard. Tonight our main discussion was the alley reconstruction project that will impact the people between Williams and Burr. Here's a quick overview of the alley project schedule:

  • Monday, March 7 parking will be restricted from Goodale Boulevard to First Ave
  • Sunday, March 13 parking will be permitted on the east side between between Williams and First 
  • Monday, March 14 the alley will be closed
  • The alley will open again when completed (about 2.5 months) 
  • Parking on Northwest will be restricted to complete the Boulevard
  • City will work with the contractor to open all or part of the project when feasible and safe
Click here for the powerpoint presentation from last evening's community meeting.

Update from February 29, 2016

We just had a preconstruction meeting with Complete General Construction on the Northwest and First project. They are going to start immediately. The following is a list of early tasks. Please join us March 3 at 6 p.m. at City Hall for more information.

For the week of February 29-March 4, traffic control will be set up, video, permitting and some trees will be removed for transplanting and temporarily moved to the Service Yard. Residents along Northwest Boulevard will be notified on Tuesday, March 1 that parking on the Boulevard will be restricted while work is in progress. We are attempting to maintain parking on the east side of the Boulevard between Williams and First for two months while the alley behind the residences is under construction.

From March 7 through March 11 selected trees will be removed. Crews will be construction a storm sewer at Goodale. A crew will be working toward the north along the Boulevard repairing curbs and installing the turn lanes at Goodale and at Williams. This will work will also eventually require trenching for conduit and new signal poles at Williams.

The contractor and engineers will be meeting with the residents on March 3 at 6 p.m. at City Hall. The City is likely to hold a follow up meeting in a week or two.

For a full PDF of the project, please click here.

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